The World Officially Sucks


Today the world and life became even more pointless, just when you think you have the tiniest glimmer of a chance of maybe hoping to make your life in some minute way it hits you up round the head with a baseball bat shouting ' You suck, dont try, you dont matter, why dont you just die' and if this actually mattered to anyone i didnt pass the police tests, but hey who cares its only me.

I want that one


Went out for the first time in absolutely ages last night and surprisingly had a good time, I was expecting to be bored without any eye-candy but I was wrong per usual.

My cousin and me

Rock Stuart was playing the club last night dressed as an angel with his trainers leading to the creation of the phrase 'Angels wear Adidas' was great fun, and out of everyone there he singled me out and began stroking his tinsel wand through my hair, highly embarrasing. I saved some dignity by not attempting to dance, my feet have no rhythm on a dance floor.

MSN Messenger 8


I started using the beta version of MSN Messenger 8 which is currently in beta, the most noticeable change is the completely new design.

MSN Messenger 8

The colour changeable bars are a nice litte feature. I haven't noticed any large changes yet.

Kinda late but who cares


New look and rambling.
No update in a while, sorry but I have been busy playing games.

Fantasy Football
After being deducted 18 points at the beginning of last week due to transfers I somehow managed to get to top of the small league I am in by getting 58 points. Thanks mainly to the footballing God that is Tierry Henry. This weekend my team will be without Chelsea's Makelele who is out until sometime in December, I also wont find out my total points till Wednesday due to the mid-week game between Sunderland and Liverpool.

My team for this week

Winamp Rocks
I have finally stopped using Windows Media Player because of its sluggish performance when browsing my 4,000+ music collection, now using Winamp I have never been happier (no slug like behaviour), it is a pretty basic media player without any plug-ins installed when you start installing plug-ins you'll wonder why you didn't start using Winamp sooner. A couple of the 200 or so out of the 1,000s available that I have checked out that have caught my eye and my mouse click are:
ml_ipod - iPod support for Winamp.
iCam Dancing - Functions like an eyetoy game, pretty good for relieving boredom(requires webcam).

Most important night of my life.


I thought last night would be just like any other night, get to sleep about 2am after playing Dawn Of War. Its the next day and I still havent been to sleep, last night I killed someone, the me that has existed for the last two years, the fake me. I am now finally alive again,

The Real Me.

You don't know me, no-one really does.
The me you think you know doesnt exist.
The real me is always in agony, wanting to die.
Im never okay.

I never smile with my mouth, look into my eyes.
These teary windows to my soul show the carnage.
The old me is dead, i'm not fake anymore.
I get to live now.

On a run.


2 days, 2 good days and a second blog posting.


I was on a downward spiral that would eventually take me 6 feet under until someone came back into my life and really helped me see that dieing now wasnt the answer, that there was a greater plan for me. What that plan is im not sure but I certainly intend on seeing it through to the end. My heart and soul felt empty and numb, the feeling is slowly returning. I have something to look forward to now, going to see Fall Out Boy on the 20th of January @ Spring and Airbrake with my cousin Jonny T.

Great Song

Was looking around the web checking out music I hadn't tried when I came across 'Lullabye For A Stormy Night' by Vanessa Teng, this song almost moved me to tears the first time I heard it. A link to the song can be found here.

I wrote a poem last night while i was being ignored by someone. It brought back alot of emotions from when I was at school.


I'm always here, in the background.
The one on the outside, my voice unheard.
Unwanted till im needed.
My readiness to love abused,
Used till a better model comes along.
I am the underdog who believed he had a chance.
My pleas for help ignored till the last minute,
I can see you laughing I know its at me.
You don't remember me,
You don't know my name,
I have been forgotten.

First blog


Well.... Hi, Im Gregory and this is my blog where i will rant about stuff that annoys me or be happy about stuff that has made me happy.

Im deeply interested in technology and the internet, Family Guy the best animated show ever, cars especially the Pagani Zonda, the most beautiful car in the world ever. anyway enough of me.


First thing that has had me laughing is this from /. by TooMuchEspressoGuy.

1) If Sony HQ, any factories, or any other property owned by employees of Sony gets burgled, you must give me back my money.

2) You cannot keep my money in your pocket at work, or in any bank or online service such as Paypal.

3) If you move out of the country, you must give me back my money.

4) You must install any and all software that I decide should be on the computers of any Sony employee, or else give me back my money.

5) I reserve the right to install any backdoors on said computers stipulated in (4) in order to enforce my rights as proper holder of my money.

6) I will never be liable to you for more than exactly $5.00 for damages to you or your property through the use of any of the rights granted to me in this EULA.

7) If you file for bankruptcy, you must give me back my money.

8) You have no right to transfer (i.e. spend) my money, even along with the original coins, dollar bills, etc.

9) You may not use my money for personal use, including but not limited to: origami; flipping coins; lighting expensive Cuban cigars; et al.

this was posted in reply to sony's eula which is worse than the virus gate they left open with the DRM rootkit.

'How to rob a bank'

It seems a canadian has found the perfect way to rob a bank......

'A Canadian bank robber, who politely presents a hold-up note on a recipe card, has hit 29 banks in four months, police said on Thursday.

he unidentified man is the main suspect behind two bank heists in Toronto on Wednesday and 27 other robberies in the region since August.

The suspect waits his turn in line and, once at the teller, quietly makes his intentions known on a recipe card. He has never shown a gun.

The clean-shaven robber, who looks around 30 years old, usually wears a baseball cap and sometimes sunglasses.

"They're (the police) very confident something will happen shortly," said Toronto police spokeswoman Wendy Drummond. "They're pulling out all the stops here," she said.

She said the new confidence stems from better views of the suspect on surveillance tapes of his latest robberies.

Police declined to say how much money the man, dubbed the "Recipe Card Bandit" by media, has stolen in the robberies.

The Canadian Bankers Association offered a reward of C$10,000 for information leading to an arrest, a move only used twice in the past six years.'

I wonder when the FBI will start arresting people for buying recipe cards.

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